Visual Modelling Mathematics (V.Mod)
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This is a bridging program for K1-2 to Primary School Modelling Mathematics.

V. Mod Maths provides rich learning experiences that are hands on & thus helps learners retain knowledge for a longer time. Learners understand mathematical problems visually which will aid them to solving problems.

In a visually inndulgence IT generation, V.Mod presents Mathematics to young learners in a fresh perspective.

We build strong foundation of using numbers for comparative purposes.
We train students to be comfortable in working with intermediate representative of number.
This will help them readily accept bar modelling which is a widely used heuristic in Primary School Mathematics.

V. Mod Maths is kinaesthetics because we have many hands-on tasks to solve.
V. Mod Maths is fun because we use contexts that speak to the kids.

V. Mod Maths teaches creative problem solving.
V. Mod Maths teaches financial education.
V.Mod teaches addition up to any digits with game!